Business Broker Caboolture 4510 Brokers vendor analysis Business Broker Caboolture 4510 Brokers

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Business Broker Caboolture 4510 Brokers
TRANSCRIPT: Well, we are here having lunch with John Van Hulst after selling our business ?Greedies?
Can?t speak more highly of John, from wo-to-go.
He came up and listed our business; put an absolutely fantastic ad on the internet for us, which we actually got the sale through.
John was so professional from wo-to-go and here we are now celebrating the sale of our business
Could not be happier with the service that we got from John.
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Caboolture /k??b?lt??r/[2] is an urban centre or satellite city approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi) north of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. Caboolture is considered to be the northernmost urban area of the greater Brisbane metropolitan region within South East Queensland, and it marks the end of the Brisbane suburban commuter railway service along the North Coast railway line. At the 2011 census, Caboolture had an estimated population of 59,052.[1]
It hosts an annual country music festival and a ute muster each year, called the Urban Country Music Festival
Indigenous history
The Kabi indigenous people are the traditional custodians of the area now known as Caboolture. The name Kabultur is derived from the Yugarabul dialect meaning place of the carpet snake”.[4] The Kabi people harvested bush food, fresh water mussels, oysters, fish, and some game animals, moving around the land to take best advantage of seasonally-available produce.
Each year in March, the Kabi people would hold Bunya Festivals to feast on the plentiful and nutritious annual nuts of the Bunya Pine. These huge trees provided a food source which could sustain large numbers of people. Neighbouring clans were invited to the festivals, where singing, dancing story-telling, trading and arranging of marriages took place
Recent history
Formerly a small dairy town, the location of Caboolture on the corridor between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast resulted in an influx of residents in the 1970s and 1980s The three main factors in this expansion were the electrification of the railway line to Brisbane, enabling travel to the Brisbane CBD in less than an hour, the development of the Bruce Highway to freeway (motorway) standard, and the availability of cheap land
The urban extent of Caboolture has never been legislatively defined, and at the 2001 census, its Urban Centre/Locality was abolished and merged into Brisbane. Today, its former area roughly corresponds to the Caboolture Central and Morayfield SLAs, which include the following suburbs:

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