Neal Isaacs VR Business Broker

Unlike selling a house, you can’t put a sign in the yard when you want to sell your business. You can’t let you employees, landlord, vendors, or clients know. And good luck with negotiations and marketing… It was selling my business that made me aware of the need that business owners face when selling their most valuable asset, larger than their cars and homes; their business.

It was for these reason and more that I joined forces with the pioneer of business brokerage firms, VR Business Brokers. VR Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone.

Here’s who I can help:

♦ Owners seeking to sell their business
♦ Business owners who are burned out or want to retire
♦ Owners with health or partnership issues
♦ Owners undergoing lifestyle changes like divorce or relocation…
♦ Entrepreneurs who are ready and committed to buying a business

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