Online Business For Sale – $9.4k/month in the Health & Fitness Niche

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About This Listing

An FBA business created in June 2015 in the fitness and outdoors niches with their wide range of products. There are currently two part-time workers for this business:
-Upwork freelancer that handles all of the Amazon PPC ads
-Admin VA that handles all sourcing, sampling etc.

The seller answers customer inquiries, which is about 2 per day, that takes around 10 minutes to respond. This task could likely be passed on to the VA or another outsourced VA. On a bi-weekly basis, the seller will fill in accounting/inventory figures into a spreadsheet to give them a snapshot of the product trends and see whether certain products are going up or going down. This is sheet is the primary tool for forecasting inventory needs, and also used a guiding tool for when a product listing might need a promotion done or have its listing re-optimized.

The business operates mainly in the UK but has expanded into 4 other Amazon FBA marketplaces:

The current biggest markets outside of the UK are France and Italy.
There is an opportunity to expand these products to other markets on the Amazon FBA platform, as well as to start diversifying in the various sales channels being used to actually sell the product.

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