Online Business For Sale – $3.9k/month in the Home & Garden Niche

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This listing is for a package of three Amazon affiliate sites created in February 2015, May 2015, and June 2016, respectively, in the home and garden niche. Two of the sites are related to bathroom products, while the third relates to a common lifestyle accessory and all three sites have switched domains over time.

The current work required is minimal on the entire business and there are opportunities to grow the business through growing the email list, optimizing CRO/SEO, and adding more related product categories.

The three sites did get a Google penalty that was later revoked. Two of the sites had a thin content manual penalty from Google, and the third site had an unnatural inbound links manual penalty at the same time. All three websites have since been fixed and recovered from this penalty, including emails the seller can show the new owner from Google about the penalties. The third site with the unnatural inbound links penalty was fixed using a double 301 redirect to pass the link juice without passing the penalty. The process was for the seller to buy two additional domains, with the original domain redirecting to a domain that then redirects to the actual money site domain. While the site was down for a few months, it is back to ranking like normal in the search engines.

An old Amazon account associated with the 3 websites got suspended due to using images in the wrong way. There are two other Amazon accounts that were used on the same computer which was shut down because of Amazon seeing a relationship between the accounts. It has since been fixed using a new Amazon account and everything has been running smoothly since, as the original reason for the ban was fixed and the sites are now in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

These sites did use a privately owned PBN along with a PBN rental service. The private PBN links will stay active after purchase, and the new owner can decide to continue the monthly subscription to the PBN rental service if they choose.

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